In my quest to have the best songwriting year to date I decided to start working out what my songwriting goals would be for this year and then share them with you all to remain accountable.

In doing this exercise I also wanted to throw the question open to you.

“What Are YOUR Songwriting Goals?”

A good place to start working out your songwriting goals is a recent Robin Frederick article that I came across on her My Song Coach blog called “Set Your Songwriting Goals” in which she outlines four main goals to aspire to.

  1. Give yourself time and place to be a songwriter
  2. Study success to be successful
  3. Collaborate
  4. Challenge old habits

Robin also gives us some handy tips on how to write down your goals. One of the best tips I found in her article was that we should…

“…pick goals that are achievable. Make sure they’re something YOU have control over.  Avoid vague goals like “I’m going to write a hit song.” Instead, make them specific, break them down into small steps and create a timeline.”

In general people tend to start a brand new year with a series of non-specific resolutions and goals for all facets of their lives (health, work, relationships, money etc) and this tends to overwhelm the individual so making sure your songwriting goals are specific and broken down into bite sized chunks is very, very important.

As I’m still formulating my own songwriting goals, I don’t have much to show you at this stage but thanks to Robin Frederick and her “Set Your Songwriting Goals” article I certainly have been given a good foundation to start from.

Now, that question again for you… “What Are YOUR Songwriting Goals?”

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
All About Songwriting