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Any Songwriters Wishing To Collaborate? Let Me Know!

Let me cut to the chase here. I want to work with lyricists, poets, writers and other creative individuals.

Are you out there? If you are, I’d love to talk with you.

I’ve been taking a dip in the collaboration pool for a little while now and I’m loving it.

You see, I’m at the point in my songwriting where I’m very comfortable either writing songs by myself or with others but I still think that collaborating with others is the next step in my development as a songwriter.

I want to be able to shape songs out of different points of view and be challenged by sonically interpreting the experiences of others.

The first of two main challenges I have in my songwriting process at the moment is lyric writing. I’m working on it but I learn so much more from working with other lyricists.

This admission may seem strange coming from someone like me who has written a lot about lyric writing and song idea gathering tips in earlier posts but I do try to practise what I preach.

I do write down the phrases I hear in conversation, I record all of my musical and lyrical ideas and I do make copious lists of possible song titles but my inner critic still has a field day every time I try to put lyrics down onto paper.

You see, my inner critic is a very persuasive and persistent entity and quite frankly, I’m becoming snowed under with all of my half finished songwriting ideas

I’m hoping that collaborating with other (song) writers will enable me to learn from them (and them from me) plus we’ll finish a few songs along the way.

This is especially pertinent with the 50/90 Songwriting Challenge just finished for this year.

So, are there any writers that want to collaborate with me? If so, let me know and lets start making beautiful music together.

I’ll even showcase our songs on All About Songwriting.

Until next time, happy writing,

Corey Stewart
All About Songwriting


  1. Dear Corey, I would like to work with you on a Radiohead tribute song,but right here right now I am very keen to find a pop composer for a Lady Gaga tribute song can you please recommend a pop composer your help would be greatly appreciated . Yours sincerely Larry m

  2. Hey Corey 🙂 Amazing blog you have! I’ve got a solution for your problem here. I am working for a musician startup – a music maker tool in the browser. You can upload or record song ideas and ask other musicians to contribute and interpret your song. 🙂

    Also I wanted to ask, if you’re interested in a cooperation with us. I write a corporate blog ( and write tips for our musicians and introduce cool tools, musicians and blogs. We could write some posts for each other? Your reader might want to know about our tool, and ours about your amazing blog 🙂

    Happy to hear from you.

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