Australian comedy trio Axis Of Awesome have been entertaining audiences around the world for a number of years with their witty songs about absurdity of life and other nonsense.

What interests me about this trio is the way they make fun of themselves as songwriters and the sometimes formulaic nature of some genres of music through their songs

There are three wonderful examples I’d like to show you below that exemplify this (just a heads up, there’s some swearing in these videos).

First video I’d like to show you is the now famous “4 Chords” skit where with just 4 chords they play many songs. If ever you were struggling with the notion that every song you write must be uniquely original to be any good, have a look at this video…

The second video is of a track called “How To Write A Love Song” in which the boys hilariously deconstruct the inner workings of a love song in the style of (insert boy band here)…

The last video for today is for the song “In The Club Tonight” and it runs along the same lines as the previous video however, this time it deconstructs the inner workings of a dance club track…

Don’t get me wrong there are good and bad songwriting in every music genre but you got to give it to the guys of Axis Of Awesome, their powers of observation are pretty spot on in my book.

I reckon we could all learn something from these videos. What do you think?

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
All About Songwriting