Songwriting Goals

10 Songwriting Resolutions for 2020

Now that we’ve kicked off the new decade, it’s the perfect time to start formulating your songwriting goals for 2020 and beyond. Personally, I love this time of year for this very reason. Planning what I’m going to do always gives me a sense of excitement for what lies ahead and for me, 2020 is […]

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Five Resolutions Every Songwriter Should Strive For In 2020

Well, it’s now 2020 and that means that any songwriting goal or new years resolution that you’ve been planning for is now ready to be tackled and achieved. Many songwriters including myself, will have similar goals to achieve for this year but this (end of) 2015 article 5 Resolutions Every Songwriter Should Set For The […]

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Some Songwriting Resolutions For All Of Us To Consider In 2020

Now that we’re fast approaching the end of 2019, it’s time to really start focussing on your songwriting resolutions and goals for 2020. I’ve put together a list of possibilities to consider when working out what your songwriting goals are for the new year. I’ll certainly be using this list for my own songwriting too. […]

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