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Using A Random Image As A Songwriting Prompt

We songwriters are very sensory creatures and we have been known to use a variety of stimuli to kick off our songwriting processes.

I have, in previous posts mentioned that listening to music or reading some poetry might be a good way to find some inspiration but I have not yet discussed whether a random image could spark off a songwriting idea or two.

So, with that in mind, try this songwriting exercise and see what you can come up with…

1. Go to any one of these random image generators

2. Go with the first image that is presented to you.

3. Start writing in point-form/long-hand your thoughts, feelings and detailed descriptions of what you see. Use all of your senses and your imagination. Give yourself a time limit if you like (say ten minutes).

4. Once you’re finished ask yourself… “Can I write a song from all this?”

Give this songwriting exercise a really good go, put your everything into it and write down as much as you can. The more information the better.

Doing this will train your eyes to really observe what it sees rather than just to casually look at something and by writing everything that you see down you’re giving yourself an excuse and a reason to write.

By eliminating choice through randomness you’re dismantling your inner critics tendency to become paralysed by too much choice.

If nothing comes of it don’t worry, the exercise might have been the very thing that break your songwriting block however, if something comes from it then let me know. I’d be interested to see if my theory works.

Until next time, happy writing,

Corey Stewart
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8 Ways To Improve Your Songwriting Ability

Here are some ideas I’ve picked up along my own songwriting journey on how you can improve your overall songwriting ability because it always amazes me how making the smallest changes to your songwriting process can make the biggest difference.

Listen To Music

It sounds simple enough but by immersing yourself in the music of others you are allowing that music to flow through you and the elements of that music that you really like will unconsciously come out in your own songwriting later on.

Don’t Listen To Music

The other side of the coin… There will be times where silence, not music, is needed to soothe the soul and when these moments happen, immerse yourself in the silence.

This is a great opportunity for your subconscious to process information or for you to just meditate. Either way, immersing yourself in the silence is sometimes a great way to invite the muse into your world.

Keep A Digital Recorder With You

Whether this be your smartphone or something purpose-built, always get into the habit of being ready to record anything that pops into your head while you go about your daily business because you never know where your next song writing idea will come from.

Watch A Movie/TV With The Sound Off

It’s amazing what you pick up when your senses are less distracted. Watching a movie or the TV with the sound off plus a notepad at the ready, allows your imagination to fill in the gaps.

Personally, I also use this activity as an opportunity to practice some guitar at the same time. I know that this multitasking can muck around with your brain a little bit but persist with it and you’ll find that the results are well worth the effort.

Jam With Other Songwriters/Musicians

Always look for an opportunity to get together with other people and just jam for jamming sake. You don’t necessarily have to have a formal agenda attach to it.

Jamming with others allows you to be exposed to other influences plus it keeps your improvisation skills in check and who knows, you might stumble onto a songwriting idea worth exploring.

Find Some Songwriting/Musical Allies

Having some songwriting or musical allies in your corner will go a long way to sustaining your motivation.

No matter where your allies come from (friends, family or mentors) the most important thing is that they are able to provide you constructive feedback without being either to patronising or fake in their praise.

Read Books, Poems And Stories

It stands to reason that if listening to music infuses musical ideas into your songwriting then reading books would infuse lyrical ideas in the same way.

By reading the words of others and utilising your imagination filtered through your own experiences, you’ll be putting a new spin on what you read and who knows, a song might come from that.

Challenge Yourself To Write Something Every Day

This point is all about creating discipline in your song writing practice.

I’m not saying that you necessarily write a song every day but to really get your songwriting process flowing, you need to write at least something everyday.

This could be a list of possible song titles, a verse, a chorus, a blog post, a poem or maybe even some free writing.

Even if it’s just a few lines anything will do.

Do you have some favourite activities YOU like to do to keep those songwriting fires burning? If you do, please let me know. I would love to hear what those activities are.

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
All About Songwriting

The BIG List Of Songwriting Prompts And Lyric Generators

Take it from me, there will be times when you’ll need a little bit of help in getting your songwriting process underway.

It’s inevitable…

But when this happens to you, be comforted by the fact that there are free online songwriting tools available that are able to get your creative juices flowing again.

As a songwriter who comes up with musical ideas much more easily than lyrical ones, I use these online random word generators and (song) writing prompts whenever I find myself in a situation where I’m fresh out of songwriting ideas.

I know from personal experience that from time to time a prompt such as a good song title or a few well chosen lines overheard in a conversation can be all that’s needed to open the floodgates of inspiration.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d do some online research into these types of songwriting tools.

Some are fairly serious and some are humorous but if you have a look at them all you’ll find some value in these sites I’m sure so here is the BIG List Of Songwriting Prompts And Lyric Generators for you to enjoy and be inspired by…

Song Lyric Generators

Song Title/Band Name Generators

(Song) Writing Prompts

You’ll notice that some of these tools are a bit tongue in cheek but there are also some songwriting tools that are seriously good. Either way, by using these tools it’s my hope that you’ll take your creativity to places you’ve never imagined as much as I have by using them.

I’d be interested to hear how you go with any of these. If you come across any other songwriting tools that you feel will help anyone with their songwriting process, feel free to let me know about it.

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
All About Songwriting