VIDEO: What Are Verses, Choruses And Bridges?

Here is a clever little video by 12tone titled The Anatomy Of A Song in which he outlines his definitions of verses, choruses and bridges while at the same time sketching what he is saying on manuscript paper in fast motion. What I particularly like this video is that it goes through the “why” of […]

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VIDEO: Expand Your Songwriting Ideas With Mind Mapping

In my previous post Songwriting Tip – Mind Mapping Your Songwriting Ideas, I introduced the concept of mind maps as a way of brainstorming different lyrical combinations for your songwriting ideas. Below is a video in two parts that shows songwriter Zosia Boczanowski using a variation of a mind map to create her hit song “Monday” which went […]

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All You Need Is Four Chords To Write A Hit Song… Apparently

Below is a video of a skit performed by Australian musical comedy act Axis Of Awesome. This video clearly demonstrates how important song lyrics and vocal melody are in writing and how the song arrangement (in this case it’s the chord progression E B C#m A or, I V vi IV in the key of […]

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