Song Structure And Why It Is So Important

I think one of the main differences between a beginner and a more experienced songwriter is the way that they’re able to structure the different elements of a song together to form it into one complete piece of music.

“Why is song structure important?” I hear you ask…

Well, a well structured song allows the lyrics to stand out more to the listener. It enables the listener to make more sense of what the song is trying to say.

In the article What is Song Structure? And Why You Should Care! by Ronnie Lee Hurst on his Song Pioneer blog, he outlines his definition of what an intro, verse, chorus, pre-chorus, bridge and outro does to a song.

He starts of by saying that in the beginning of his songwriting journey he was more focussed on rhyming however, he then goes on…

As I progressed in my songwriting skills I learned that a song is composed of various parts. Each of these pieces plays a specific role in building a great song. I discovered the importance of becoming familiar with each one of these song parts and how to implement them.

It was then he realised the importance of song structure and how it can turn a good song into a great song.

His description of all the song elements are pretty concise and he makes sure a video example is included to really bring on home what he’s saying.

It’s made me think more carefully about how I would define what an intro, verse, chorus, pre-chorus, bridge and outro would be and how that might change my songwriting process.

It’s an interesting question to ponder on. What are your thoughts on song structure?

Do you pay close attention to song elements such as verses and choruses or, do you allow your songs to be more free-form? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
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Original Source: What is Song Structure? And Why You Should Care!

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