There’s something about hearing songwriting tips from other songwriters (especially one who have a hit or two under their belt) that really hit home to me the importance of treating my own songwriting as a craft above anything else.

One of my favourite blogs is the CD Baby DIY Musician Blog (they do a great podcast too) and they have a three part series called Songwriting Tips From The Hitmakers on offer.

The premise of the three part series is this…

To help you improve your songwriting chops, we’ve enlisted the aid of several well-known songwriters, most of whom have been lucky enough to strike that mystical connection with the public. Feel free to, ahem, “borrow” a few of their ideas to use as foundations for your own songs.

Here is part one. I’ll put up parts two and three in the next couple of days

I hope you enjoy these songwriting tips as much as I have. If any really resonate with you then let me know.

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
All About Songwriting

Source: Songwriting Tips from the Hitmakers, Pt. 1 – DIY Musician Blog