Finding that spark that starts off your songwriting process can be pretty difficult at times so when I came across an article called 10 Places To Find Inspiration For Songwriting, I was really intrigued to see what it had to say.

On finding songwriting inspiration the article states that…

“Songwriting can be a somewhat tricky venture. You’ll often feel the need to come up with something catchy, as well as words that fit well within the rhythm created by the music. But the hardest part of all might be coming up with a subject to write about in the first place.”

I couldn’t agree more as I’ve been in that same position.

There was one section of the article that particularly attracted my attention though. It was the part that mentioned being a history buff would help with your songwriting inspiration.

On being a history buff the article states that…

“Events from the past make a great inspiration for songs, especially when they involve struggle. There are many songs about war or political strife, so tapping into these difficult times can become an inspiration for a song promoting peace or independence.”

That one point certainly made me think of a new way to approach my songwriting. I’ve never attempted to write a song about an historical event before and before reading this article, it was something that I would never have considered.

What about you? How do you find your inspiration? What things keep your songwriting process flourishing?

You can find the original article 10 Places To Find Inspiration For Songwriting here.

Until next time, keep on writing

Corey Stewart
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