The Daily Muse – April 11th, 2020

Lately, as a songwriter, I’ve been told not to write any ballads to pitch anywhere because everyone wants uptempo songs. But like all things, music works in cycles so eventually, we’ll see a return of the ballad. If you’re writing a ballad, what are the chances it could be a hit? Let’s look at some data for inspiration

How To Write An Awesome Ballad – 4 Tips For Songwriters Who Love Ballads

The 25-year-old musician recently spilled on how the superstar songstress changed his songwriting and why he thinks of her when he’s working on new music.

Niall Horan Explains How Taylor Swift Has Changed His Songwriting

Writers are advised to “find your own voice,” meaning, express yourself in a way that is authentic and unique to you.

How to find your creative voice, according to Ira Glass and Andy Warhol

In songwriting there’s a lot of emphasis on self-expression. That’s understandable, and certainly it’s hard to imagine a good song without the writer(s) expressing themselves in some way.

Don’t Stop At Self-Expression

As a writer I spend a decent chunk of my life trying to duck out of obligations and commitments so I can spend time alone and get shit done. So always looking for the silver lining, I was expecting the lockdown to turn out to be a huge blessing.

How to Stay Creative in the Age of Coronavirus

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