The Daily Muse – April 12th, 2020

As writers, we are artists. We create through inspiration—a spark brought to fruition through discipline, hard work, and practice. And we draw inspiration from everywhere around us.

5 Writing Lessons I Learned From The Voice

You may be familiar with the term relative major — that’s the major key that uses the same key signature as a particular minor key. It’s a very common key relationship in pop songs, because if you’ve written a song that uses a minor key verse, and you decide to switch to major for the chorus, it’s probably the case that you’ve switched to the relative major.

From a Minor Key Verse to Its Parallel Major

Today I wanted to tackle something that comes up for every writer at some point: How do you write when you don’t feel inspired?

How to Write When You Don’t Feel Inspired

Copyright law provides an essential foundation needed for the music industry to function, but many artists actually creating music are misinformed, or simply lack an understanding of how copyright actually functions in relation to their work.

How To Understand Music Copyright Law

For most writers, the path to publication is full of obstacles, detours, and potholes. Tenacity and resilience are required to reach your destination. These ten commandments will guide you on your writing journey. This goes for songwriters too.

10 Commandments of Writing

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