The Daily Muse – April 13th, 2020

There are times when creating and performing music feels hard, even for musicians who live for their craft.

Why Meaningful Motivation in Music is Earned

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. What we do with that time makes the difference between getting our words onto the page, and not.

Writing Tips: 6 Secrets To Becoming A More Productive Writer

The Boston-based artist shares some of her indispensable items with us, including her guitar collection and own community of songwriters

Liv Greene’s Songwriting Survival Kit

As writers, we are artists. We create through inspiration—a spark brought to fruition through discipline, hard work, and practice. And we draw inspiration from everywhere around us.

5 Writing Lessons I Learned From The Voice

A bridge section, sometimes also called the middle eight, is an optional section that usually happens after the chorus’s second appearance in a song, or after the second verse or refrain for songs that don’t use a chorus.

Writing the Best Bridge For Your Song

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