The Daily Muse – April 15th, 2020

Have you ever tried just reading your lyric out loud, without thinking about the melody you’ve written to go along with it? Reading a lyric can give you a lot of musical ideas, and can also serve as a good tool for diagnosing songwriting problems.

Reading a Lyric as Part of Your Songwriting Process

From films about DIY scenes, video-game soundtracks and events that shaped music, to footage of big-name artists in the creative zone, these movies are available to watch online for free.

13 movies about music-making, music scenes and pivotal music history

Whether you are a beginner songwriter, or have been writing songs your whole life, you have probably realized by now that there’s always room for improvement.

Songwriter U – Five Basic Tips for Songwriting

How do you deal with fear and uncertainty during these difficult times? How can you craft a new creative routine when life is so disrupted? How can you make the most of an online business now and build for the future?

How To Stay Creative In Difficult Times With Mark McGuinness

Subliminal messages and the conspiracies behind them have been around forever. If you want to get a conversation going, subliminal messages are a great starter. Even if people don’t believe them, they’re bound to enjoy talking about them.

Subliminal Messages In Songs – Do They Work For Mind Control (No)

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