The Daily Muse – April 17th, 2020

As I started to think about the greatest singer/songwriter albums I began compiling my own list. Then I decided it would be far more interesting to see what albums different artists picked as their favorite singer/songwriter albums.

70 Music Artists, From Alice Cooper To Ozzy Osbourne, Name Their Favorite Singer/Songwriter Album Of All Time

Before you can even begin to think about business at a time like this, you might need to come to grips with an existential question: Why make art at all? Why make it now?

Why Make Art Now?

Songwriters… When you have those days of songwriting doubt and wonder why you are chasing your dream.

Songwriters – Inspiration For Those Days Of Doubt

To be a truly great artist, you need fantastic songs. To have a lasting career, you’d ideally secure the services of a tried and tested songwriting team.

The 10 greatest songwriting partnerships ever, ranked

Feeling low on writing motivation? All you need is the right toolkit. Here are six tips that’ll change your writing game forever.

6 Writing Motivation Tips That Work (Even If You’re Busy)

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