The Daily Muse – April 18th, 2020

Songs are short. Most of them, anyway. And by short, I mean usually less than four minutes. That can be difficult to do.

Pop Songwriting – Perfecting the Miniature Musical Form

To help spread the message, songwriters are being challenged to write catchy songs around the central theme “distance.”

Songathon Launches Global Songwriting Competition to Raise Awareness and Funds for Covid-19 Relief

If anxiety, boredom, overwhelm, or (ahem) listlessness have paralyzed your creative work, here’s a quick writing exercise to get you going again: 1. Make a list. 2. Repeat.

Lists for Writers – 2 Steps to Jumpstart Your Writing Habit With Lists

With so many people being forced to work from home during this global crisis, people are losing their minds. Working from home is no walk in the park!

Tips To Stay Sane (And Productive) While Working From Home

You have a choice. You can use this time to develop your musical skills and practice resilience… or you can curl up in a ball and hide until it’s over.

7 Songwriting Activities to Stay Sane During Self-Isolation

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