The Daily Muse – April 29th, 2020

When Huntsville, Alabama songwriter Alan Little met John Schmitt, a San Francisco Iraq War veteran, the two had no idea their music would bring catharsis and joy to not only themselves, but their town and soldiers around the world.

The Soldier and the Songwriter: How Music Helped a War Veteran Overcome PTSD

Producing legend Nile Rodgers is among the top names judging entries by budding songwriters from the UK and USA

Abbey Road studios runs lockdown songwriting competition

There are lots of ways to categorize chord progressions, but the one way that will be most useful for pop songwriters is to think of them as being either fragile or strong.

From Wandering to Predictable – Comparing Verse and Chorus Progressions

With 18 songwriters and producers teaming up to write and record a killer pop song on the latest series of The Cut, we ask two experts, Jetta and Darkchild, how exactly you put a song together.

This is how you write a pop banger

If we don’t give up. If we keep on putting out good work and getting better at what we do, someone will notice someday. I believe that.

Songwriting Is Not An Overnight Success Business

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