The Daily Muse – April 30th, 2020

Seems like such an easy thing. Just be you. We hear it every day — but how? Especially when you’re struggling to become you (you haven’t had a lot of life lived yet), or you’re reinventing yourself from tough times, or from a period of time where the fountain of creativity just kind of stopped.

Indie Musicians – How to Find Your Signature Sound

As social distancing stretches on, songwriters, labels, and music supervisors all want one thing: Songs that are happy

The Music Industry Is About to Put Out a Lot of Very, Very Uplifting Songs

Many people believe that creativity is a product of the scattered brain. Some experts even argue that there’s research to support this theory.

Creativity – 3 Ways To Cultivate Discipline In Your Writing Life

When working on an instrumental beat, it can be tempting to go straight for the drum rack and start loading 808s, big snares, hi-hats, etc. After all, even though an instrumental track has multiple elements in it — from chords to melody to rhythm — we usually just call them “beats.”

Beat Makers, Try Thinking About Chords and Melody First

Alternative tunings are a fantastic way to reinvigorate your guitar playing, songwriting, and creativity. The instantly altered sound naturally gives your mind different creative ideas, and makes you play a different way as a result.

DADGAD Tuning Explained

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