The Daily Muse – May 20th, 2020

Steely Dan was a band formed around a songwriting collaboration, that of Becker & Fagen – Walter Becker & Donald Fagen.

The Secret Soul of Steely Dan – Walter Becker

How often do you reach the end of your day without having written a single word of your book? If you’re like many Authors, the answer is too often.

How To Make Time For Writing – 12 Tips for Busy Authors

Mood is one of the first things that’s conveyed by music. Listeners pick up the mood via the partnership of all the various song components

Controlling the Mood of a Song

There are lots of great ways to write and structure a lyric. Sometimes, if you come up with a strong or motivating song idea, the lyric flows out pretty quickly or comes together on its own after a few different drafts.

Lists & Opposites

It happens to every songwriter. The business of music. Your focus is on writing songs, not organizing your song files! Why bother?

5 Steps To Organize Your Song Files

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