The Daily Muse – May 21st, 2020

People often use the words “process” and “workflow” synonymously. But that’s not quite accurate.

Process vs. Workflow – What’s the Difference and Does It Matter for Musicians?

This way, because you already know your concept and title, you’re forced to stay focused on that singular idea when you write your chorus and verses.

How to Use the Top-Down Method to Write Great Lyrics Way Faster

The psychology of music makes the tonic chord sound like “home” to us. Our brains relax when, after a long sequence of chords, we hear the tonic chord happen.

Starting Chord Progressions Away From the Tonic Chord

So you may have heard it said (or not), but the truth about your success in music is only one song away. All you really need is one song to make your mark.

How To Write The Song That Will Change Your Career

The songwriting advice that you should “write from you heart” is equal parts obvious and incredibly challenging. Given that most of us begin songwriting because of something we’re feeling in our hearts, it’s the most natural approach for us.

Songs From Your Heart are What People Really Want to Hear

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