The Daily Muse – May 22nd, 2020

In my own composing of music, I would far rather work out a melody first, and then add the chords as a second step. That’s because melodies are what people hum to themselves; it’s hard to hum a chord progression.

Adding Chords to a Melody – Focus On the Strong Beats

Are you a guitarist and would love to play songs written by you? Then this article is written just for you. I’ve collected 10 very important tips, ideas and instructions on how to begin writing your songs successfully.

Songwriter U – 10 Songwriting Tips For Guitar Players

As he releases a new album, the esteemed British singer-songwriter explains why he relies on both low- and high-tech accessories

David Gray’s Songwriting Survival Kit

Okay, that’s not totally true. I always love the craft of songwriting, but I get super frustrated when nothing is showing up even though I am. When I’ve been working on a song for months or even years and it’s not finished, I feel like giving up.

How To Stay In Love With The Craft Of Songwriting

Here’s a rough guide to successfully submitting your music for scrutiny, along with a selection of the most popular contests

5 top tips on entering songwriting competitions

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