The Daily Muse – May 25th, 2020

To celebrate Bob Dylan’s 79th birthday today, we are bringing you several Dylan-centric stories. This is one in the words of Tom Petty, Dylan’s pal and collaborator.

Tom Petty on Bob Dylan

In this article, Lucy Blair Pettersson looks at the art of storytelling in music, why it’s important, and how artists can better work to make the story told in their music connect with an audience.

Storytelling In Music

Songs are almost always built from sections that will feel very familiar, and yet they still have the power to bring us delightful surprises.

Scaffolding – How to Use Structure to Map Out the Energy Flow of Your Song

Investing in music royalties… Is pure passive income. You’ll make money in your sleep from it. It doesn’t require any proactiveness.

Some People Are Investing in Pop Song Royalties Instead of Stocks

Predicting the future of the music business in the rapidly evolving digital age is tricky. In the past decade, innovations like the iTunes Store and streaming Internet radio have radically changed the playing field.

6 Industry Trends That Can Advance Your Career as a Songwriter

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