The Daily Muse – May 26th, 2020

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of being an independent songwriter-artist in modern times is the need to be your own champion. To be the one to write the emails, create a social media presence, and make all phone calls necessary to generating a functional and profitable musical career.

On Becoming Your Own Champion

It’s more useful and important than ever for songwriters to be fluent with recording and producing our songs, and to be able to do it competently for ourselves. Or to find a partner who can help.

The Temptation Of Producing/Recording VS Songwriting

If you are trying to make it in music today, it is likely that you’re writing at least some of your own songs.

Songwriting Tips for sharpening your creative edge

Every songwriter, whether experienced or not, should be constantly practicing their craft. But how exactly do you practice songwriting and what are the best songwriting exercises?

Songwriting Exercises You Can Start Today

Here’s a rough guide to successfully submitting your music for scrutiny, along with a selection of the most popular contests

5 top tips on entering songwriting competitions

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