The Daily Muse – May 29th, 2020

If you’re trying to develop an innovative songwriting style, a major impediment is one that’s often unnoticeable: you’re listening only to music from your own genre of choice.

How to Move From Stale to Innovative as a Songwriter

Copyright infringement lawsuits based on sound-alike songs are nothing new. Shortly after releasing the Billboard No. 1 single “My Sweet Lord” in 1970, George Harrison was sued for copyright infringement by the publisher of “He’s so Fine,” the 1963 hit released by the Chiffons.

Song Sound-Alike Suits – Recent Music Copyright Cases Strike a Different Note

Some of these ideas are subjects and topics, while others are song titles that will hopefully spark something in your imagination. Feel free to run with them any which way!

200 Things to Write a Song About – Lyric Ideas and Inspiration

Many of the songs we write are reflections of our times. They are snapshots that capture the emotions and events that define our worlds. So, I was not surprised during my recent songwriters workshop (which was held online) when several writers shared songs that had been sparked by their feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Writing Songs in Times of Crisis

We’re going to look at guitar lessons vs self taught options to try and determine which one might be better for you, in your particular situation.

Guitar Lessons VS Self Taught – Which one is better?

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