The Daily Muse – May 2nd, 2020

We Should Write Sometime, which uses swipe-right technology and geotagging to pair up compatible songwriters, has seen a 61% increase in daily average downloads since sheltering in place went nationwide

A ‘Tinder for Songwriters’ App Is Thriving in Quarantine

The world’s songwriters shouldn’t worry too much just yet, but artificial intelligence is taking aim at their talents.

These AI-generated Katy Perry and Elvis songs sound hauntingly real

“If I knew where the great songs came from,” Leonard Cohen famously said, “I would go there more often.”

Leonard Cohen – A Revelation In The Heart

A pre-chorus is not a mandatory section of a song. In fact, most songs don’t use them. But in some circumstances, a pre-chorus can be a vital addition to the structure of a song.

Finding a Good Chord Progression For Your Song’s Pre-Chorus

There’s no way to completely negate a life of musical experiences, but taking a short music cleanse can help break habits and inject new energy into your songwriting practice.

Why A “Music Cleanse” Might Be What You Need To Break Bad Songwriting Habits

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