The Daily Muse – May 30th, 2020

Benjamin describes his latest project as a continuation of what he’s always done throughout his career: to try and write the best songs that he can with lyrics that are honest and from his heart.

Alec Benjamin Talks Pushing Through Writers Block on ‘These Two Windows’

Songwriters are often praised with the backhanded comment that their lyrics are so great it means they are not mere songwriters, but poets.

Is Songwriting the Poetry of the Masses in Modern Times?

There are places you can begin when you sit down to write music, but for most songwriters, it all starts with chords and progressions.

The best chord apps for musicians and budding songwriters

What’s the biggest problem for songwriters around the notion of process? It’s just my opinion, but I believe that over-thinking your process can be the biggest one.

Don’t Overthink Your Songwriting Process

We have all been there before. We’ve opened up our DAW’s, ready to write the next big hit only to stare at a blank screen and save nothing.

How To Beat Writer’s Block

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