The Daily Muse – May 3rd, 2020

OpenAI is the non-profit artificial intelligence company backed by (among others) tech mogul Elon Musk.

OpenAI reveals its latest music-generating AI – Jukebox

There’s a lot of terms floating around in the music world. Knowing what each term means is useful for understanding what’s going on in a piece of music.

Music Glossary – 50 Obscure Music Terms to Know

This is a song that virtually everyone is familiar with; its anthemic momentum is unstoppable. Great song, great recording.

Is Your Chorus Really A Pre-Chorus?

Some lyrics are stories, and so there’s a simple answer to the question of how much of a lyric needs to be understood: darn near all of it.

How Much of a Lyric Needs to be Understood?

While it’s easy enough to tell an aspiring songwriter to “just write,” there’s a big difference between an unconsidered lyric and a potential hit. Practice makes perfect, though, and here are some ways to become a better songwriter every time you write.

Song Tips | How to Become a Better Songwriter

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