The Daily Muse – May 4th, 2020

Everyone (hopefully) goes to sleep, and sometimes we remember the dreams that we have during that time.

How dreams can inspire your songwriting

Let’s say you’ve come up with a hook that you think should be something that works well as the main flag-waving part of your chorus. So then you set about to write a verse that leads into that chorus.

What To Do With a Song Chorus That Isn’t Working

When you learn to write songs or play an instrument, the best way to work is within a defined set of boundaries.

10 tips for good songwriting mental health

When singer-songwriter Justin Larkin lost all his gigs to the coronavirus pandemic, he decided to try writing personalized songs.

COVID-19 Coverage – Songwriting to Supplement Lost Gigs

When looking from the outside, songwriting can be an intimidating task. Our favorite bands might make it looks easy, and while some of the best songs are written in minutes, many take weeks or months to complete.

3 Songwriting Methods To Try With Your Band

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