The Daily Muse – May 5th, 2020

The musician is forced to promote her new memoir, Resistance, from home, but she’s got some help from other artists and Richard Dawkins.

The “Tiny Ways” Tori Amos Is Getting Herself Through Quarantine

In order for a melody to be successful, it needs to be easily remembered by a listener. If your melodies sound like aimless wandering, you’re going to have trouble building an audience for it.

Making Your Melodies Easy For Listeners to Remember

US-based collection and licensing society ASCAP has reported that its revenues topped $1.274 billion in 2019, which marks a $47 million increase over 2018, and a fifth year of record-breaking financial results.

ASCAP Paid Out $1.18BN To Songwriters And Publishers In 2019

Aidan Moore, frontman of the Australian genre-bending outfit, speaks about finding freedom and delivering a universal message to fans

Confidence Man – We’re chasing a feeling rather than a genre

Are you getting interrupted a lot at the moment? Maybe you’ve got young children who are off school – or hungry teenagers – or a partner who’s furloughed and bored

How to Write When… You Keep Getting Interrupted

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