As a songwriter, have you ever finished your day saying to yourself “Man, where did that day go?”

Did you ever feel that you always run out of time to spend it writing songs?

Well Gary Ewer from the “Essential Secrets Of Songwriting” blog may have the answer.

He suggests that you actually build in songwriting time into your day rather than try to find time after the fact. In one of his latest blog post titled “The Importance Of A Songwriting Schedule” Gary mentions that…

“…many songwriters treat the writing of music with the same level of importance that they treat picking up a chocolate bar. If you find yourself frequently suffering from writer’s block, the lack of a daily schedule is probably one of the most likely causes.”

He then says (and this is the important part)…

“…when your day is done and you’re crawling into bed, do you usually know when you’re going to be doing songwriting the next day? If not, you should.”

Reading this post really made me think about how much more attention I should be paying to my own songwriting schedule. I’m sure that it will make you think about how much more songwriting you could do too.

You can find the original blog post here

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
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