In a recent post on my personal blog, I talked about my habit for hoarding information as a means of procrastination to the point where my Evernote account has over 32000 links on various topics of interest (songwriting being one of them) to be read at a later date.

These links have accumulated over time because I have a morning ritual of scanning all of the RSS feeds I subscribe to (using a site called Feedly) and bookmarking anything of value to be read later.

Now, I definitely bookmark more information than I could ever hope to use in my blog writing but at the same time I don’t want to delete information unless I can find a way to use it.

Hence I’m starting a new initiative called This Week In Songwriting.

Put simply, This Week In Songwriting is a series of once-a-week posts full of interesting songwriting links that I find during the week that I want to share with you. I’ll be posting every Friday with the links starting from the previous Saturday.

I want to kick things off with a special first instalment of This Week In Songwriting with links that I’ve found from Tuesday, January 1st until Friday, January 11th.

In the meantime, here is the very first This Week In Songwriting

This Week In Songwriting #01 – W/E Friday, January 11th, 2019

Good Songwriting, and the Demand for Uniqueness

Working Backwards From The Rhyme Can Unlock Your Song

3 Ways To Rethink Your Songwriting Process

Japan Extends Its Copyright Protection from 50 Years to 70 Years

31 Writing Prompts For January 2019

The Current State of Creative AI: What Songwriters Need to Know

A.I. Songwriting Has Arrived. Don’t Panic

5 Collaboration Opportunities You’re Missing Out On

Songwriter Challenges – Putting Thoughts Into Words Into Music

Will Robot’s Top The Chart? Musician’s Voice In Age Of AI

Songwriters: Don’t Focus On The Summit

How to Keep Your New Year (Songwriting) Resolution

How To Write A Song For Beginners – A Step By Step Guide

How to Set Goals that Turn Songwriting Dreams Into Plans

Goal Setting for Singers and Songwriters – 2019 Edition

What To Do When “I’ve Used These Same Chords Too Many Times!”

On Being a Student of Songwriting

Can You Teach Songwriting? A Pro Songwriter’s Perspective

Well, I hope you enjoy looking through the above links. If there are any questions you may have or, you want to start a discussion about one of the links then feel free to contact me and we’ll take it from there.

Until next time, keep on writing,

Corey Stewart
All About Songwriting